Website Traffic – Where Are You Sending Them?

Alright so you have them hooked … they are on your social media sites and your blog, they are watching videos and listening to your videos and webinars.

Great! Now what? They want more so you direct them to your website.

But where on your website is the question?

Should you send them to:
• A general home page?
• Your blog?
• About You page?

The Answer:
Send them to pages where you know you get the highest amount of conversions. The tried, tested and true pages of your website. Let’s have a look….

Create Special Landing Pages

Get ‘em while they’re hot! They have already clicked through so you know you have their interest. Don’t lose them by sending them to a home page. Make a landing page for the audience that gives them a “special offer” including a way to sign up for your email list. Imagine how happy someone who clicks through will feel when they see a special welcome message and a special offer just for them.

Add Links at End of Blog Posts

Once you identify highly converting pages that you already have, why not link to them under new blog posts? If people are reading through your blog posts they will likely want to click through and read more. If what they click through to is a highly converting sales page, opt-in page, or landing page all the better.

Create a Menu Link

Any high converting page deserves its very own menu link on your website or blog. That way if people come to your website in a way that you can’t control, then they will see your menu choices and click through to one of your highest converting pages on their own. This is a great way to increase email list sign ups. The menu item might say “Get My Book Free”.

Make a Sidebar Graphic with Link

Take any high converting pages of your own and make a graphic that links to that high converting page. Why should all your side bar information send people away from your website to affiliate programs? It shouldn’t. You can sell to the list members after they join, using the side bar space to entice people to sign up for your list is a better option.

Use Text Links

On your resources page, or in your side bar, or within the context of your content you can link to any high converting pages using text links. Try not to do that more than twice within any page of content, but you’ll find that leading your audience to these high converting pages will increase email sign ups.

Use the Famous Words: Learn More

People want to know more, learn more and get more. Use the words that get results and you’ll get more people to sign up. When you know that you have certain high converting pages, don’t hide them, lead everyone to them.

Understand that your job, if you want to call it that, is to provide exceptional information for your audience so that they want to get more and learn more and know more.

I want to hear from you!

  • What social media site do you get the most conversions from?
  • What pages do you direct your readers to?

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