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Confirmation Pages: Your Key to Increasing Conversions

Congratulations! You’ve convinced someone to sign up for your email list. Obviously you are doing something right – right?

But it’s not over yet – that is it’s not over until they’ve opted in.

The law requires a double opt-in for every subscriber so they can be sure  they’re the ones who signed up for your email list.

Unfortunately we lose about 25 percent of the people who sign up originally because they don’t finish the opt-in process.

What is the best way to ensure you are doing all you can to gain that second opt-in?

The answer is in your Confirmation Page. Through the years my business has taught me that smartly crafted confirmation pages are one of the best ways to help you get that second opt in.

Here are some ideas to try!

Express Gratitude and say Thanks!
I know this seems like a no-brainer but if you’re not personalizing the opt-in message that your autoresponder service provides, you may not actually be saying thank you in a way that resonates with your audience.

The very first thing they should see after submitting their address to the form is a thank you page, let them know that you appreciate them. Making a customer feel valued is the key to customer service and when a customer experiences great customer service they come back!

Set Expectations
Use that page to set expectations about your email list. Remind them what they signed up to receive, what they’ll get when they complete the process, and how smart they are for doing it. You can even use the page to give them more ideas of what they can get from being part of your email list.

Cross- Confirm
A thank you page is a great place to mention other products or services you are selling. For example:

Thank you for registering for ABC products. We can’t wait to get you started!

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Give a Coupon
Every shopper loves a deal! To ensure the customer uses the second opt-in, include a coupon to another product. Make sure to mention in your coupon details how valued they are as a customer and that you’re looking forward to their next visit!

Provide Opt-In Instructions
This is very important because not everyone really understands how to sign up for an email list when it has double opt-in. You can show pictorial instructions with a list to tell them what to do and how to do it.

What’s more is by the time they read your confirmation page, they’ll have surely received the opt-in email so you can instruct them to find it and let them know how to properly opt-in.

Be Yourself
You want to try and match your brand’s personality on the confirmation page. Don’t try to change your personality for the confirmation page. That’s the problem with using the built in opt-in instructions, whether text or video, it’s not you and doesn’t feel familiar.

Personalize everything to fit in with your brand! Lately I have been sending out more personal messages to my subscribers and I have to be honest I was overwhelmed at the comments I received back. Sometimes a little honesty and a glimpse into you as a person goes a long way.

Finally, deliver awesomeness in every message that you send your audience. The better the content is that you send your members, the better testimonials you’ll get, the more sales you’ll make and the larger your list will grow with a targeted audience of willing participants.

So here’s your task for this week. Pick one and of the above and implement it and let me know how it worked / didn’t work for you.After all we are all a work in progress – let’s share our successes and challenges and learn from them!

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