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5 Ways to Use Social Media to Promote Your Business

Using social media to promote your business is a no-brainer today.

All types of businesses need to promote online today. It doesn’t matter if you have a bricks and mortar business or a completely online business. You need social media to promote your business because that’s where your audience is located. It’s imperative that you ensure that you put your business in the sight of your audience by being where they are.

  1. Don’t be afraid of Reddit – This is one of the best places to get links back to your site and have a blog post or other newsworthy information go viral. It can be nerve-wracking due to the fact you can be voted up or down but it can help you get to know your audience’s thoughts better than ever which you can use for future blog posts, product creation and more. You can get a huge following, increase your newsletter sign ups, and improve engagement by becoming active on Reddit and engaging with your audience.
  2. Get Creative with Twitter – Twitter is a fabulous research tool. Due to the lower character count it’s prefect for testing out headlines, subject lines, and titles for all of your articles, email messages and blog posts. Share the same information twice using different words, see which one is clicked on and engaged with more. Then share the one that got the most engagement in other places.
  3. Use Facebook Ads – Facebook ads are a very easy way to market your business. You can micro target your audience in many different ways. You can boost a post, or even place and advertisement for a percent off sale for your products or services. You can also use FB to remarket to your audience.
  4. Research Your Competitors – You can use all your social networks to research your competition. Find out what they’re doing and don’t copy them, but do it a little bit better than them. Fill in the gaps of your competition so that you can come out ahead. If you do everything just a little bit better, you’ll win more customers.
  5. Use Video – People are more likely to share video on social media. Therefore, if you share videos of information you want to share in this manner, keeping the video short (under three minutes), you can get your information shared more often by your audience. More than likely your audience hangs out with like-minded people, therefore you’ll reach a wider berth of audience members.

These five ways to use social media to promote your business are very effective if you do them strategically and often. Consistency is what pays off best as does understanding what your goals are for each action.

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