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It’s Time to Turn Up the Effectiveness of Your Marketing and Get Exponentially More Visibility with Storytelling

Marketing Storyteller: Connect with your audience through story telling

People buy from people they know, like, and trust. You’ve probably heard that a million times by now.

However, building the ‘know, like, trust’ elements is an art form that requires much more than a few emails and social media posts. You need to reach people at an emotional level to connect with them and develop the types of relationships that lead to sales.

When you use stories in your marketing content, you can achieve all 3 of those elements in a far shorter space of time than any other marketing tactic can match.

“A story is a journey that moves the listener, and when the listener goes on that journey they feel different and the result is persuasion and sometimes action.”

How do you write the types of stories that move people?

It’s not easy, and few people view themselves as good storytellers.

But with our course on ‘The Power of Storytelling in Marketing‘, you can teach your audience how to craft the right types of stories to tell their own market.

You’ll be showing them how to:

  • Marketing StorytellerIdentify the different types of stories and how they are used, including company and brand stories, personal stories, and customer stories
  • Apply the most enduring story formats that have stood the test of time to their marketing
  • Identify which types of stories connect best with their target market
  • Outline the key elements that make a story effective regardless of the type of story or format that they choose
  • Choose the best media to use for their story to make it engaging for their target market
  • Identify the different outlets they can use for distributing their story so that it will be seen by as many people as possible and create the desired result

By the end, you’ll help them draft their plan for finishing and producing a story they can use right away to supercharge their marketing.

Here’s what you’ll be learning:

We’ll start out with an overview of the course and what you will learn, so you’re super excited to jump in and get learning.


Storytelling is integral to content marketing, no matter what products or services you’re selling. Let’s discuss what kinds of stories you can tell.

In Module 1, you’ll discover how to identify the different types of stories and how they are used, so that you can start thinking about how they will fit into your marketing.

Stories from ancient times are only different from those of today in setting and content. Why are these storylines so enduring? It’s because they speak to fundamental emotions that all humans understand and experience.

In Module 2, you’ll learn the enduring story formats that have stood the test of time so that you can understand how to use them in your marketing.

The next step is to choose the story type that’s most appropriate for your audience. A story’s effectiveness is determined by how it resonates with and affects your audience.

In Module 3, I’ll guide you to identify the most effective types of stories to tell so that you resonate and connect with your target audience.

A good story is one that engages the audience. Your story has to have certain elements that make it engaging.

In Module 4, you’ll outline the key elements that make a story engaging so that you can include them to improve your story’s effectiveness.

Now that you have some story ideas, you’ll need to decide which media you’ll use for telling your story.

In Module 5, you’ll learn how to choose the best media to use for your story based on your target markets’ preferences so you can make it more engaging and appealing for them.

Now that you’ve written and produced your story in at least one format, you’ll have to decide exactly where to distribute it.

In Module 6, I’ll show you how you can use their target markets’ preferences to identify the different outlets available for distributing your story so that it will be seen by as many of them as possible and create the desired result.

Now that they’ve worked through the course, they have everything they need to start creating and posting stories.

In this final module, you’ll draft your plans for finishing, producing and monitoring your stories, so that you can achieve the goals you set for this course and develop you storytelling skills further.

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